Restylane, Perlane & Juvederm

These products are known as dermal fillers. They are hyaluronic acid gels that are typically used in the nasolabial lines (from nose to comers of mouth), lips, comers of mouth, and marionette lines (downward lines from comers of mouth). The end result of injection of dermal filler is a softening/plumping of the area. The specific filler to be injected is determined by the particular needs of the patient.

To minimize the discomfort often associated with fillers, a lidocaine topical numbing cream is often used as well as an oral lidocaine block. A block is not required when the filler has lidocaine in the product itself. It is advisable to discontinue use of blood-thinning agents (fish oil, aspirin, Advil, vitamin E) for one week prior to treatment, if this does not jeopardize your health. The appointment time required for a dermal filler treatment is typically 30 minutes.

After the treatment, cold compresses may be used to help reduce swelling. The treated area will be tender after the injection, so avoid touching it within six hours. After six hours, the area may be gently washed. Avoid exercise and alcohol for six hours after treatment. All outdoor activities, even sunbathing, should be avoided until any redness and/or swelling disappear. Bruising and swelling are possible and temporary side effects of filler. Please be prepared for the downtime involved, it can take a week for resolution of bruising and swelling.

Filler is expected to last between 6 to 12 months depending on the kind of filler used and the location of the treatment. The filler will gradually fade as months go by, and the area treated will return to its pre-treatment state when the filler has fully absorbed. Usually, patients are re-injected upon noticing a reduction in the filler's effect. It is unnecessary to wait for the injected filler to fully be absorbed before re-injection.


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